टीवी रियलिटी शो के यह जज कभी दीखते थे ऐसे !

It is said that as time passes, human beings appear to be beautiful! Today we are talking about how the judge of the reality show of TV Industry who looked at how and now how it is started!

1: Ranvijay Singh

The most favored show “SplitVilla” is the world’s most celebrated show of all time, Ranvijay Singh, who has hosted the show for the year, is as handsome as the girls have been like him, but the girls are the first to be seen in the first year, Ranvijay is like this!Do you remember when Roadies had hit the Indian Television scene back in 2003? It seemed like a great concept with which reality television had finally arrived in India.

However, there is only one participant who has epitomized what Roadies stand for and has stood tall with his head held high. That man is none other than the man of the hour(and the subject of this article) Rannvijay Singh.Rannvijay Singh is an Indian Actor, who acts in Bollywood, Punjabi Films and also a VJ on MTV India. He was the winner of the first season of MTV Roadies (2003). He is also known for his contribution in the field of acting and writing.

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