ये 7 बॉलीवुड हसीनाएं शादी के पहले ही प्रेग्नेंट हो गयी थी

It may be ordinary in a considerable measure of western nations, yet in India, individuals are as yet not fine with getting pregnant before marriage. Most likely that is the reason, even a ton of our Bollywood delights got hitched in a rush so they could cover their pre-conjugal pregnancy news. Be that as it may, there are additionally a couple, who did not think much about what individuals would state, and never endeavored to shroud anything identified with their pregnancy from the world.

Along these lines, here we convey to you a rundown of all the renowned Indian divas who were pregnant before they got hitched.

7: Konkona Sen Sharma

She was dating Ranvir Shorey for a long while before the two got married in a private service. What’s more, not long after from that point forward, the couple reported that they were expecting their first child. Despite the fact that she didn’t recognize the way that she got pregnant before marriage, however, then it was excessively clear for the world, making it impossible to realize that. I never wanted to become an actress. I have the coolest and the most awesome parents, who are well-educated. My mom is well read in English and Bengali and my dad is a humorist, science writer, and a futurist. In fact, for many years, he wrote the ‘Mind Sport’ column for the edit page in The Times of India. He is funny, intelligent, plays the guitar, has a great perspective and looks at life from the world of humor. My mom is this fabulous, strong woman who lives life on her own terms. I had a liberal upbringing with unconventional parents who are my inspiration. My parents (Aparna Sen and Mukul Sharma), were divorced when I was six. I was lucky as both of them married wonderful people. So while I lived with my mother, I had parents who were amicable and I actually landed up with two sets of wonderful parents. My mother always said ‘it’s better for a child to have happy parents apart rather than unhappy parents together’. I have always believed that if you grow up seeing happy people, have good energy and have resources within yourself to make yourself happy, you will be happy.

She has a lot of energy, is passionate, gives everything to anything she does and is not concerned about what other people think. She is an unconventional mother. Though she feels guilty for everything herself and would take me everywhere with her, she always asks me not too obsessed about being a mother as she knows that you will be a mother forever and tells me that it’s ok to work. I heard these stories from the time I was seven or eight years old. My parents used to drive down to McCluskiegunj (Gunj for short). In the late seventies, they used to make almost 2-3 trips a year to the Gunj. I have heard those stories again and again. So the place grew bigger and bigger in my mind. It is so isolated and maybe that is why it has so much atmosphere. When a loved one tells you a story, it gets imbued with emotion. Tanuja, who plays, Col Bakshi’s wife is using customized stationery. She tucks in Rs200 into the letter. The handwriting in Tanuja’s letter belongs to Sirsha Ray, the Cinematographer of the film. His handwriting is so beautiful that I had to get him to write that letter! The handwriting in the letter Shute’s mother send belongs to an aunt of mine Dolon. Konkona Sen Sharma is an Indian actress. She is the daughter of filmmaker and actress Aparna Sen. Sharma appears primarily in Indian arthouse and independent films, and her achievements in the genre have established her as one of the leading actresses of contemporary parallel cinema.

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