सलमान खान से बुरी तरह भिड़ चुके हैं ‘बिग बॉस’ के ये 10 कंटेस्टेंट्स

5: Shakti Kapoor’s Debate

The famous actor Shakti Kapoor was part of the show when Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt were hosting the show together. During that time, the arrows of the words were fiercely between Salman and Shakti Kapoor. In an interview, Shakti Kapoor had said, “Salman Khan should apologize to me. He and Sanjay Dutt never used to greet me. When Shakti Kapoor first entered the Bigg Boss 5 house, he was the only male contestant amongst all the women.

At that time, Salman Khan was co-hosting the show with Sanjay Dutt and although the duo did not verbally fight with Shakti, the latter felt insulted. Bigg Boss is currently in its 11th edition. This time again superstar Salman Khan is hosting the controversial reality series. Since the contestants come from all walks of life, there are clashes among them. Apart from their tiffs with each other, there are a few who don’t seem to get along with the superstar.

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