सलमान खान से बुरी तरह भिड़ चुके हैं ‘बिग बॉस’ के ये 10 कंटेस्टेंट्स

2: Priyanka Jagga – Salman Khan

Priyanka Jagga was one of the most violent contests in ‘Big Boss 10’. Salman throws Jagga out of the show with anger. It was also said that “If Priyanka Jagga goes ahead on this channel, I will never work with this channel.” During this episode, Priyanka did cry and wash, but Salman did not believe. Priyanka said that she is not afraid of Salman. In an exclusive interview, Bigg Boss 10’s ousted contestant Priyanka Jagga.

talks about Salman Khan’s lack of empathy, Swami Om’s madness and how the show is edited to turn contestants into heroes and villains. She also predicts Bigg Boss 10 winner. After her eviction, Salman said he would never work with Colors if they continued their association with Priyanka. She has emerged as probably one of the most infamous contestants on the show ever. Salman sir didn’t kick me out. I know that’s how it has been projected but the truth is I, myself, asked him to let me go.

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