बॉलीवुड का काला सच, ये फेमस स्टार्स रह चुके हैं ड्रग एडिक्शन के शिकार

The life, which the enrapturing Bollywood stars lead entrance, by far most of us. Other than being awed by their lifestyles, we mirror them in each sense possible.Nevertheless, the Indian film industry, remarkably the Bollywood, has a to a great degree diminish side to it. One glaring case is steady propensity.Consistently, we have seen prescription and alcohol oppression in various entertainers. While a couple of huge names have been adequately striking to recognize them, some have shied a long way from it.

1: Sanjay Dutt

“My adventure with substance mishandle has been around 12 years. There are no medications on the planet that I have not done. At the point when my dad took me to America (for recovery), they gave me a rundown (of medications) and I ticked each medication. The specialist told my father, ‘What sort of nourishment do you eat in India? Passing by the medications he did, he ought to be dead at this point! I didn’t leave drugs in light of my family. I exited on the grounds.

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