साउथ के सुपरस्टार अल्लू अर्जुन की बीवी को देखकर आप भी हो जायेंगे दीवाने

Allu Arjun indulges in photography to de-stress himself. He feels that photography helps him express his feelings. If you are thinking that the actor will exhibit his snaps, then you are wrong. The star clicks the photos only for himself and doesn’t show them to anyone. When asked about his mind-blowing dance steps, Allu Arjun revealed that he started practising gymnastics since his childhood. Hence, his body cooperates for the fluidic dance steps that we often see on the silver screen. Everyone knows that he is a fan of his uncle Chiranjeevi. So, much to the extent that he regards his uncle more than his father.

What most people don’t know is that the Chiranjeevi starrer Indra happens to be his favourite film. He had watched that film 15 times and won’t mind watching it again. Allu Arjun divulged himself in animation. The actor candidly revealed that he learnt the animation course just as a fallback option if the acting profession doesn’t work out well. The actor learnt this art during his internship at an animation company in Hyderabad. The actor was born & brought up in Chennai. However, his family relocated to Hyderabad during the early 2000s’. He got so attached to both the cities that he regards them as his mother & father. His emotional speech during the 2015 Chennai Floods shows how much he loves Chennai.

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