तब्बू ने खोला अपने कुंवारी होने की पोल, कहा “अजय देवगन की वजह से आज तक हूँ सिंगल

Tabu said that Ajay and Sameer would keep a close eye on me when he was younger! If both of the boys were talking to me, they used to give peat! Both were very big goons! Regarding the reports, Ajay wants to see his favorite friend marrying. Tabu has funnily said that he tells Ajay every other day to find a boy for me! Well, this is a joke! My relationship with Ajay is very good! Tabu said that Ajay Devgan has the most meaning in the mail actors now! Even today Ajay is like a child and is very proactive!

Tabu said that Ajay should be regrettable because it is due to Ajay that I am single to date! Tell me, in 1999, Ajay was married to Kajol! Tabu has shared the screen space with Ajay Devgn on multiple films like ‘Haqeeqat’, ‘Vijaypath’, ‘Thakshak’ and ‘Drishyam’ in the past and the two are reuniting once again for ‘Golmaal Again’. In a report by Navbharattimes.com, the actress spoke about her special friendship with Ajay, “The ‘If I am single today, it’s only because of Ajay Devgn’ quote made many people start talking.

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