दुनिया के कुछ ऐसे टॉयलेट्स, जिन्हें आप एक बार इस्तेमाल ज़रूर करना चाहोगे

Most people like to use simple and clean toilets. Generally, people like to use toilets, which are not very fancy. When you enter a public or private toilet, you are in good spirits.In India, we have a variety of toilet systems, although squat toilets are a major part of our Indian restroom system, we have now started using Western-style toilets, what are the creative people saying about constructive people are so creative They do not even leave toilets.Here we have collected the weirdest and creative toilets around the world. These toilets are pieces of art. Some have been designed constructively, but some have been made that some will not even like to use them.

1: Malawi, East Africa

There’s no doubt you’ll come across some weird toilets when you’re traveling the world. It’s always fun when you find a bar, restaurant, train, festival, house, desert or other, with a unique and interesting toilet in… sometimes you just can’t help but take a photo to mark the moment.I’ve scoured the world for the best pictures of the weirdest toilets. Although, what’s weird to me, sat here in my London office with a sit down western-style flushing toilet down the corridor, might be the most normal toilet in the world to you out there, squatting over your long drop. Either way, here are some cool toilets from around the world.

A toilet in Laos. Remember to carry your own toilet paper with you. Thanks, Two Roses.First exhibited outside the Tate Britain Museum in London in 2003, this see-thru loo is an art piece known as “Don’t Miss a Sec”, by conceptual artist Monica Bonvicini. She wanted to see if anyone would use it as, using one-way mirrors, you can clearly see out, but no one can see in.A toilet in a Ukranian orphanage. “Many children share these two toilets, which are simply holes above a cesspit. That’s not unusual at rural Ukrainian orphanages. They are outdoors in a brick hut, so it would be very cold and dark in winter,” says marktristan.

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