This Is How Your Favorite Bollywood Stars React When Beggars Ask Them For Money

Bollywood celebrities tend to have a big heart when it comes to charity. Whether it is to gain the support of their fans of their true philanthropic character at heart, we don’t know. But we clearly know one thing and that is these celebrities love to spend money on any kind of NGOs or denote money on charity organizations. It seems like it is an indivisible part of their profession. When you are at such a big place, you are expected to donate money as well. Some actors like Salman Khan has even launched his own NGO, ‘Being Human Foundation’.

Here are are some Bollywood and how they react when people beggars ask for money.

1: Salman Khan

Salman Khan is known for his philanthropy. Once when he came out of a restaurant, he saw some poor children selling books and balloons. He gave them free hugs and read from their books. Later he also handshake with these little fans and also made some donations. Salman Khan is one of the few actors, who made it to People magazine’s list for being one of the most handsome men ever in the world. There is a restaurant in Mumbai opened by Salman Khan Fans dedicated to the superstar. It is named Bhai Jaan. The name of the eatery is Bhaijaanz and it has all of Salman’s favorite dishes on the menu as decided by Tabrez Sheikh, former chef of Radisson London. Look and feel of this restaurant has been kept same as Salman Khan’s Bandra Residence. Salman doesn’t have an email id in his name, he chooses to avoid communicating through Email. When asked about it, he said that he has never felt the need to have an email id as he prefers picking up the phone and telling the person concerned what he has to say. The villagers of Hatsune village in Karjat got a surprise gift on the new year of 2015 from none other than actor Salman Khan. The actor leads the entire unit of Bajrangi Bhaijaan to paint houses in the village, the report stated. Salman Khan has a love for Soaps. His bathroom at home is stacked with soap. He loves natural fruit and vegetable extracts when it comes to soap. He prefers natural ingredients in his bathroom and has soaps of every type. Apart from soap, Salman Khan has an interest in cars. Salman loves to drive a BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Land Cruisers. Salman Khan is a great swimmer since childhood. When he was in school he was once considered to represent at the national level in the Swimming competition. Himesh Reshammiya, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, and Sajid-Wajid were brought into the industry thanks to Salman Khan’s help. Even Hrithik Roshan went through training through our Sallu.

Salman, who has been busy promoting his film across all media platforms, recently confirmed Shah Rukh Khan’s highly anticipated cameo in Tubelight. The little kid – Matin Rey Tango – created quite a buzz on the internet after viewers caught a glimpse of his camaraderie with Salman. With everyone talking about the six-year-old, Kabir revealed how they zeroed in on Matin for the role. The director claimed that they didn’t set out on looking for an actor, but was seeking a wonderful child artiste who had the spunk and ability to withstand a 100-day shoot. Kabir said that they went through over a thousand kids before settling on Matin. As soon as word spread that Kabir was making Tubelight with Salman, fans of the actor went berserk on social media. What added to the excitement was the fact that the actor’s younger brother Sohail would be a part of it too. Speaking to the Times of India last year, the Bajrangi Bhaijaan star revealed, “Sohail is a part of the film. We are playing brothers.” There you have it guys! We’ll see the two real-life brothers depicting their deep bond on the reel as well. Kabir obtained a NOC (no objection certificate) from the makers of the Kannada film of the same name since they originally owned the rights to the title. Salman’s co-star in the film, Zhu Zhu has already been seen in international projects such as Shanghai Calling, Cloud Atlas and The Man With The Iron Fists, among others. She will make her Bollywood debut with Tubelight. Actors Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn are in the race to attach the trailer of their respective films with Salman’s Eid release.

The film is in contention are Shah Rukh’s yet-untitled project with Imtiaz Ali and Ajay’s Baadshaho. Since Tubelight is a big release, both actors are keen to attach their films’ trailers to it in the hopes of grabbing more eyeballs and have approached Salman’s production house too. Reports suggest that the banner is willing to attach both the trailers with the film if the arrangement is acceptable to Shah Rukh and Ajay. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who has been working day in and day out to meet deadlines and finish his most-awaited film, ‘Sultan’ on time, might not be able to shoot for a few days as the actor has been advised by his doctors to stay put at home and be in cool, air-conditioned atmosphere. But before you let your imagination run wild, let us tell you that Salman has been advised to undergo another hair transplant at his Panvel farmhouse and the treatment requires the actor to stay away from heat as excessive sweating can be a deterrent to the treatment, reports For those not in the know, Salman had earlier undergone hair transplant treatment in 2003 and later again in 2012. Although the actor hasn’t sported any bald patches, his family and friends feel that a touch-up is definitely the need of the hour. Salman will be treated at his famous farmhouse where doctors have been flown down, all the way from Dubai, to ensure that the superstar gets the best of treatment. Khan’s mother, Salma, and rumored girlfriend, Iulia Vantur, are keeping him company at the farmhouse. That Salman Khan is very choosy about the manner in which he wants things to be, is quite a known fact. However, did you know that Salman’s preference for certain colors has almost turned into an obsession? According to a report, the superstar is very particular about the colors that he wears, so much so, that he picks up T-shirts for himself. However, that’s not the problem. The issue is that Salman ends up buying T-shirts of the same color and then tries to convince everyone around him that they are all of the different shade.

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