पढ़े लिखों से भी ज्यादा कमाते है ये चाइल्ड आर्टिस्ट, कमाई जानकर चौंक जायेंगे आप

2: Harsh Mayar

Harsh Mayar (born 22 March 1998) is an Indian film actor working in Hindi Bollywood films. He is a national award-winning child actor for the 2011 film “I Am Kalam”. Harsh has mesmerized the audience time and again in award-winning movies such as I am Kalam, Jalpari-The Mermaid, Desires of the Heart, Gram Post Bharat, Chaarfutiya Cookware, and television shows such as Aadhaful etc. When did you start acting initially? I can’t recall when was the exact time but, I started doing mimicry of celebrities initially and my uncle saw the talent of acting in me. Further, he enrolled me in acting school Sri Ram Center where I learned a lot of things.

So, by far officially it has been 10 years in the industry of my work unofficially and 6 years officially. How did you find Bollywood as a child actor? Bollywood has a lot of categories. We as a child actor initially are not taken seriously. Our talent is at times neglected. Similarly, it took me almost five years to be seen as an actor and prove myself in this whole new world of glamour. People do categorize us like child actors, comic actors, action hero, actresses but all these words are just mere assumptions in this hierarchical ideology what exists here is only one-word “Actor” in its whole universality.

Do you have someone else in your family as well who is inclined towards acting? No, it’s only me in the family who has evolved as an actor by now. Nobody has much interest in this field, however, I plan to make my family proud of myself. 4. What are your future plans? I want to work in movies which make a difference in the lives of the audience. Life has not changed much, we actors too work hard like people in any other profession do. The only difference is we get recognized by other people for our work.

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