पढ़े लिखों से भी ज्यादा कमाते है ये चाइल्ड आर्टिस्ट, कमाई जानकर चौंक जायेंगे आप

You must remember the movie of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Munni, who is the heart of her innocence, is Harsali Malhotra, a Star Kid who earns more than a Graduates. In many Bollywood movies, child artists do such a thing that they remember the character played by them till the child artist, at such a young age, the child artist can win the viewer’s heart and earn well enough. We are going to meet you, as well as earn very well from child artists.

1: Mikhail Gandhi

He’s an effervescent eight-year-old boy whose tryst with acting started with commercials in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. He has also acted in a Telugu movie called Supreme. His life-altering moment happened when he was finally selected to play Tendulkar’s character in the biopic. But while he was auditioning, his parents had no idea he would play Tendulkar on the silver screen. His parents told a TV channel that they couldn’t believe themselves upon his selection. “We got a call from a casting agent who didn’t inform us anything about the film he was supposed to audition for.

“When we reached there, I found out he’d bagged the role for this film [Sachin: A Billion Dreams]. Almost 300 kids had auditioned for the role,” Mikhail’s mother said. There are so many child actors around the world. But Mikhail has left an indelible mark in world cinema by playing Tendulkar. Mikhail Gandhi is one of the talented child artists currently working in Bollywood. He has acted in many ads and few films. His performance was excellent in the movie “Supreme”. Over 300 kids auditioned to play the childhood part of Sachin in the movie “Sachin a billion dreams” and finally Mikhail got the chance to perform.

Mikhail Gandhi is born on July 5 2010 in Mumbai. Mikhail has an elder brother Fahad Shiraz Gandhi. He is running an arts and craft shop named Hatch in Mumbai. He has acted in several ads such as kinder joy, Lifebuoy soap etc. He has a great support from his family. His father is Mr. Shiraz Gandhi and mother Mrs. Yasmeen Shiraz Gandhi. Mikhail played an important role in the Telugu blockbuster film “Supreme”. He acted in the movie “Sachin a Billion Dreams” as the childhood role of Sachin. so he is the cool kid ever for the role so he is here.

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