ये हैं वे सितारे जिनके भाई-बहन दिखते हैं एकदम जुड़वाँ, शिल्पा-शमिता से लेकर अनुपम-राजू तक हैं शामिल

5: Farah Khan-Sajid Khan

Farah Khan is a well-known director-choreographer of Bollywood. His brother Sajid Khan is known as director, actor and TV anchor. Both brothers and sisters look the same. Choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan, who made the audience sway to her steps in the 1992 film ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander’, has come a long way! The lady, who completes 25 glorious years in the showbiz today, has entertained the audience with her entertaining directorial ventures like ‘Main Hoon Na.

Om Shanti Om’, ‘Happy New Year’ and many more. She has also changed the way a dance number is choreographed – be it with her train sequence in ‘Chaiyya chaiyya’ (‘Dil Se’) or her tribute to Bollywood in ‘Woh ladki hai Kahan’ (‘Dil Chahta Hai’). Here’s taking a look at a few lesser-known facts about this choreographer-director, she is the fat bloody dancer.

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