ये हैं वे सितारे जिनके भाई-बहन दिखते हैं एकदम जुड़वाँ, शिल्पा-शमिता से लेकर अनुपम-राजू तक हैं शामिल

10: Rahul Roy-Rohit Roy

If you remember the movie ‘Aashiqui’ in 1990, you saw Rahul Roy in it. Rahul has a brother who looks exactly like him. In this picture, you can see Rahul and his brother Rohit Roy. Both brothers look almost like each other. Rahul Roy is an Indian film actor who is known as the first Indian film actor to sport the long hair

He was born in 1968 on 9 February. He is a talented and young actor who has made a name for himself in the modeling and acting sector over the years. He is famous for his movies and as the winner of the big boss. He was born in the year 1968 in the city of Kolkata. His parent’s names are Deepak Roy and Indira Roy.

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