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5: Reham Khan

Tell that Reham had married Pakistani cricketer Emraan Khan some time ago but these two of them did not go far enough and they got divorced.Prior to Imran, Reham married his cousin Aizaz-ul-Rehman. Most well known for hosting the In Focus talk program on Pakistan’s Dawn News channel, she is also notable for her work on the BBC (U.K.) and News One (Pakistan) networks. Born to Pakistani parents, she spent her early years in Libya and later lived and worked in the United Kingdom and Pakistan. Before beginning her career, she earned a bachelor’s degree in education and went on to study broadcast journalism at England’s North Lindsey College.

Her marriage to her psychiatrist cousin, Ejaz Rehman, produced three children before ending in divorce in 2005. A decade later, she married Pakistani cricketer and politician Imran Khan. After a short sabbatical, Reham Khan returned to television with the first episode of The Reham Khan show and her first guest was none other than her husband, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan. Dubbed Khan vs Khan, the big interview took place at the happy couple’s home in Bani Gala. Although the two engaged in flirty banter occasionally, if you didn’t have prior knowledge about their nuptials, you’d think they were strangers (like they were so coyly pretending to be). Not much chemistry here!

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