शर्म-हया छोड़ इन मशहूर हस्तियों ने रचाई अपनी बहनों से शादी, एक भारतीय भी शामिल

4: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

As many as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, who is making everybody crazy by his voice, are in India as much as they want in Pakistan. They should know that they too had married their cousin sister Nodd. The first musical instrument mastered by Nusrat was Tabla. Actually once, a well known classical singer of Calcutta Pandit Dina Nath came to visit Pakistan.He knew Fateh Ali Khan and when he came to Faisalabad, he stayed with. During one of the days of Pandit g’s stay , Fateh Ali Khan asked Pandit g how he liked Pakistan to which, pat came the reply, that he was unhappy with Pakistani people,it was useless for him to come in Pakistan.

Actually,in those days, classical singers had a serious taste of performing singing along with Tabla players so as to better delve deeper into their live Music as it used to incite them to think instantaneously of new rythms they can toy around with during live performance. On hearing all this,Fateh Ali was actually quite disturbed and for quite long, he was in pensive mood because in those days Hospitality was a serious matter especially for people of stature like these great singers. The disparaging remarks by Pandit had hurt him.He literally was in spot of bother asking himself that was there no one in Pakistan who could play on Tabla with Pandit?

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