ओह शिट! मिलिए इन बॉलीवुड सितारों से जिन्होंने किराये की कोख से पैदा किये बच्चे

Dissimilar to the past period, there are more than one approaches to hold up under children. Because of the fast development of therapeutic science, parenthood is currently conceivable notwithstanding for the individuals who aren’t therapeutically fit or experience issues considering normally. In the event that a couple can’t imagine normally for reasons unknown, there are unnatural ways like IVF and surrogacy they can settle on – remembering the cost – to grow their family. The following are some Bollywood celebs who took help of unnatural approaches to have kid/s.

1: Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan is an extremely private person. As the Bollywood actor turns 51 today, we ask his wife, Kiran Rao, to decode the real Aamir. Aamir and Kiran settled on surrogacy after the last experienced premature delivery. They are presently honored with an adorable li’l child who they have named Azad Rao Khan. For me, Aamir’s honesty is his most endearing trait, and I often joke that he is like Raja Harishchandra (laughs). But he’s also an incorrigible prankster. He’s always teasing his siblings, kids, nephews and nieces. Our family get-togethers and chat groups are complete laugh-a-thons. Aamir and the kids are obsessed with his favourite game — Settlers Of Catan. In fact, he has started a ‘Catan tournament’ for all of us, who have become addicted to the game.

As a father, it’s hard for him to split our daily parenting duties with me because he travels so much. But when he is in town, he really makes up for it, and spends a lot of time with Azad. He loves putting Azad to bed, and reading to him. He had Azad hooked to the Magic Faraway Tree series, and now they are reading Tintin’s Adventures during their bedtime story sessions. Aamir plans to learn all of Ammi’s (Aamir’s mother, Zaanat Hussain) recipes, but that project has been on the backburner for all these years because of the lack of time. But it’s still very much on his agenda. He is very close to Junaid and Ira (Aamir’s kids from his earlier marriage with Reena Dutta).

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