18 Bollywood Celebs Who Have The Most Unique Pet Names. Did You Know?

We all have that endearing but, to be honest, very embarrassing nicknames given to us by our loved ones. From our parents to our best friends and colleagues, no one ever leaves a chance to put nickname of their own choice on us. Moreover, sometimes people generally adopt a nickname so as to shorten their real name or make a name as suited to their persona, like that of Western artist or rappers who keep a second name as a stage name.

There are many celebrities in Bollywood, who are known by their real names of course, but inside the industry circuit, they are always referred to by their nicknames. While some of it may already be known to the whole media, many are reserved only for their friends and family. The whole nickname process comes either from an incident that took place long ago or because it just suits their persona more. But calling someone especially celebs with their nicknames make you feel more close and warm to them, and listening to these cutesy nicknames makes them sound totally normal like one of us.

Take A Look

1: Kangana Ranaut

The Queen of Bollywood is mostly known for her powerful performances as well as her beauty and strength that reflects on her face. While she already has a beautiful name, Kangana, that means bangle in Hindi, which is an ornament for women; her nickname is that of a guy. Well, Kangana’s family calls her Arshad, which means devotion. Kangana Ranaut is known to go to great lengths to make her characters look convincing. Don’t you remember how she adopted the Haryanvi dialect for her role in ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’? Now, she is doing it again – this time, for her biopic ‘Rani Lakshmi Bai’. The actress wants to ensure that she delivers a powerful performance in her role of the feisty warrior queen of the 19th century. According to reports, the actress has enrolled for a crash course in horse riding in Germany. The country is known for its horse riding programs in Bavaria and the Rhine Valley. It has been reported that Kangana might even spend a few days in the stables there to learn the craft. The actress is currently shooting for ‘Simran’ in the US.

2: Ranbir Kapoor

Though most of his family and peers stick to calling him, Dabbu. Ranbir is a momma’s boy and so, he has a special nickname given by his mother, Neetu Singh. The Bollywood heartthrob is called by as Raymond because she believes he is her complete man. Quite a well-thought-out nickname! These days he is many girls’, a complete man. His whole Khandaan is a foodie and so is he. To your surprise, imagine, Ranbir Kapoor was a Chubby baby during his childhood. RK’s favorites include Crab from Mahesh Lunch Home, the Teesri and Bombay Duck from Gajalee. Other than these, he loves food cooked by his mom especially bhindi, jungle mutton and pay a. Chocolaty boy can be Momma’s Boy too. Yes, Ranbir is one too. He has got his moms name on his speed dial (cute na?), he takes pocket money from his mom every week a sum of Rs.1500 till date and his mom only cuts his nail. Do you believe it? Though his grandfather, the legendary figure is popularly known as Raj Kapoor his original name was Ranbir Raj Kapoor. This is how Ranbir got his name.

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