These 15 Pictures Prove Indian Cops Are The Coolest In World

No matter what people say about them, being a cop in India is not an easy job. They are meant to be smart, active, fit and disciplined while in service and at the same time dealing with all sorts of craziness happening in India.

Not every cop is blessed with a Singham or Chulbul Pandey types body but still, they manage to pull off their jobs brilliantly.

In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings you pictures of 15 cops from India, who in spite of being not perfect, managed to pull off their job. Though some of the pictures are way too hilarious, this is how policemen in India works.

1: They are smart as hell. They record everything even when they are driving.

Police officers in Madhya Pradesh are given a slight pay upgrade for having a moustache. Their bosses believe that it lets them command more respect. Forget steroids, it is possible our police force will get hooked to hair supplements! How much of a police force deficit do we really have? To put the answer in perspective – for every 100,000 people, there are only 130 cops. Another example – Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of crimes across India. It also has world’s largest police force, but 80% of these cops are missing. Not Missing in Action – they haven’t been appointed yet! For his movie ‘Sarfarosh’ in which he plays a police officer, Aamir Khan’s research found that often policemen spend their own money to carry out urgent work. This could include anything from daily expenses to greasing palms for tip-offs. Red tape around budget approvals usually frustrate our men in uniform and then the faster way to get things done is to spend their own money. Clearly, they’re not! During a 2014 episode of Satyamev Jayate, a clinical psychiatrist spoke of police officers who had become victims of anxiety and depression after beating up people regularly in their course of work. According to an NCRB report, between 2006 and 2011, Mumbai saw the highest number of police suicides (168) in India.

2: If you want a promotion, look after your senior. Like a boss!

India can be dusty –and it was like this even a couple of centuries back when British soldiers dyed their white uniforms a beige color to camouflage the dirt that their uniforms attracted. And that was the reason police uniforms are khaki. Contrary to our belief of policemen as a repressive state apparatus are human beings who are constantly gripped in nauseating guilt and anxiety because of thrashing and winding rod at people every day of their lives. Most of the policemen spend their time waiting for appointment letters. This phenomenon in the system is the major plight for all those unappointed youths who want to come to the fore and serve the nation. If there is a criminal hidden at the back door of any residential building, then a police officer need not waste time behind the proceedings. He may enter the premises without a warrant to nab the offender before it tries to slip off the clutch. Police coming to the private residence of a citizen to ‘bust’ or break up a party that is taking place is a common occurrence. In technical terms, there is no ‘busting’ of a house party. The police can only enter a private residence to search the premises or seize any article or individual who is connected to an offense. This means that the police can come into your house if they suspect that there is a cognizable offense taking place and if they have proof of the same. They could also do it if they have received some complaint. If you are in such a situation then remember to:

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