12 Bollywood Actresses Who Played Prostitutes On-Screen

Bollywood actresses may also be called as chameleons, they attempt to accommodate themselves according to the need of the script and temperament crafted from the filmmaker. Earlier, the notions were rather different. It was always considered a taboo to play with figures with gray sunglasses, that discussed and depicted serious issues in a realistic manner but ironically breached ‘sabhyata’.

Today, I’m delighted to state that the situation is not the exact same anymore. The actresses have come out of their shell and also have begun opting for bold roles.

1. Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri impressed everyone with all the iconic function of Chandramukhi in her film ‘Devdas’.Playing a hooker is the most challenging thing for any Bollywood actress. Firstly, it takes a lot for our divas to convince themselves for the role and secondly, they need to keep in mind not to go overboard while enacting it. Among our Bollywood beauties, Rani Mukerji is the only actress who dared to play this role in three different movies. Madhuri Dixit accepted the role of Chandramukhi in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas. It was a huge challenge for Madhuri as she had dance scenes where she had to wear lehengas weighing 25kgs and then dance in them!

I am thrilled to say a few words about Madhuri Dixit. And not only because we are in an expectant Madhuri-comes-back period, with Aaja Nachle in the wings. Ever since I saw her in Devdas, where she outshines Ash Rai (well, a few more words on this later), I never think about her without that special feeling: what a woman, what charm, what femininity. She has something of Meryl Streep, a tinge of Monica Bellucci, even of Sophia Loren! (below, with the hat, wouldn’t you say?) Or perhaps it’s the other way round: these immortal beautiful faces remind us of Madhuri?!

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